How to layer Motion Layer Keys to existing motions

Once you apply a motion clip to an actor, then you may want to fine tune the positional offset for each bone. This can be done via Edit Motion Layer. The pose with the edited bones will be kept as a key in the Motion Layer track, and its effect will remain throughout the clip unless another key is set. The transition between the two motion layer keys will be auto-generated.

Making an Absolute Motion Layer Key

An absolute motion layer key is for setting a motion layer key that takes charge in the angle of a specific bone, and ignores the effects of the underlying motion.

In iClone, setting absolute keys has been replaced with a combination of 1. Removing Motions of Body Parts and 2. Adding Motion Layer Keys by the Edit Motion Layer panel.

Making a Relative Motion Layer Key

If you want to set a relative motion key, also known as a relative key, so that the effect of the key blends into the underlying motion, then follow the steps below:

  1. Select a character that already has motion applied.
  2. Click the Edit Motion Layer button under the Motion tab of the Modify panel.
  3. Move to the specific time where you want to overlay the offset key in the clip.
  4. Select and adjust the effector points you wish to edit with the or tools. The key will automatically be added into the Motion Layer track and be blended in the pose of the motion in the Motion track. Please refer to the Introducing Edit Motion Layer Panel section for more information.

    Adding a motion layer key for offsetting bones.

    The motion layer keys affect the motion clip.