Assigning Layer for Outfit Compatibility

If you want to correctly exchange the clothes, gloves or shoes with other default content templates, then you must follow the specific collision layer rules to set the layer number for a piece of clothing.

The default and recommended cloth collision layer ordering is as shown below, any clothing with greater numbers can cover the clothing with lower numbers:

You can customize the layer number to adjust the order of coverage.

Characteristics of Clothes Layer

  • Each layer can be applied with only one piece of clothing.
  • The thumbnails of the default content templates in Cloth category of the Content Manager shows the type of clothe and layer number.
    1. Its collision layer number is designated to 01.
    2. This template belongs to the Cloth Type.
    3. The texture sources are from the Appearance Editor (Substance Material).
  • Applying a cloth template will replace the one worn with the same layer ID.

    The template with 5 is applied.

    The character's clothes numbered 5 will be replaced.

  • These number can be customized with Character Creator Version 1.5 or above.
  • The recommended assignments for the clothes are as show in the table below:



    Intended Usage

    Cloth 01

    Underwear, Shirt, Piecemeal

    Underwear, lingerie, leotards, swimsuits, and tights.

    Gloves 01


    Gloves lying under sleeves.

    Cloth 02

    Underwear, Pants, Skirt

    Undies, swimming trunks, and leggings.

    Cloth 03

    Accessories and other items

    Socks, headbands, and other personal accessories.

    Shoes 01


    Ordinary shoes.

    Cloth 04

    Shirts, Leotard

    Clothes tucked into pants or dresses.

    Cloth 05

    Pants, Skirts

    Tight-fitting pants and skirts.

    Cloth 06

    Accessories and other items

    Arm sleeves and other similarly sized accessories.

    Cloth 07

    Shirts, Piecemeal

    Garment under tight fitting Cloth 5, includes ordinary dresses.

    Cloth 08

    Pants, Skirt

    Ordinary pants and skirts.

    Cloth 09

    Pants, Skirt

    Wider and looser pants and skirts.

    Shoes 02


    Boots (also with bunched trousers).

    Cloth 10

    Shirts, Piecemeal

    Looser, baggy, clothing and dresses touching the floor.

    Cloth 11

    Pants, Skirt

    Looser pants and skirts covering Cloth 5.

    Cloth 12


    Placeholder layer.

    Cloth 13

    Coat, Others

    Light, thin coats and vests.

    Cloth 14


    Placeholder layer

    Cloth 15

    Coat, Others

    Light, thin coats and vests.

    Gloves 02


    Gloves covering sleeves.

    Cloth 16

    Accessories and other items

    Cloaks and garments tied to the waist.

    Cloth 17

    Accessories and other items

    Placeholder layer.

    Cloth 18


    Suits, coats, and jackets.

    Cloth 19


    Cloaks, smocks, gowns, overalls and frocks.

    Cloth 20


    Placeholder layer.

  • Even though there are two layers for gloves and two layer for shoes, the layers are exclusive for each of them, which means a character can only be applied with one pair of shoes and gloves.
  • Basically, the gloves and shoes layers can be insert in between any two adjacent layers. However, the default layer orders of them as shown in the illustration above is the default given ones.
    • Gloves:

      The gloves are set to the Gloves 01 layer.

      The gloves are set to the Gloves 02 layer.

    • Shoes:

      The shoes are set to the Shoes 01 layer.

      The shoes are set to the Shoes 02 layer.