Saving Custom Characterization Profiles

After you have finished the T-Pose Setting and Bone Mapping tasks, you can save the data to a custom profile for re-use in the future. Afterwards, you only need to load the saved profile with identical bone structure to the target character, instead of going through all the steps again.

  1. Load a prop or creature character (in this case, a Creature).
  2. Click the Characterization button in the Modify panel.
  3. Follow the tasks described in the Importing Bone-Skinned Models to Create Humanoid Characters section to finish the characterization.
  4. Enable the Active box to enable the settings.
  5. Click the Save button at the top of the characterization mode panel to save the mapping result and T-pose as a profile (*.3dxProfile).
  6. Create a new file, load another character with an identical bone structure as the current character.
  7. Click the Characterization button in the Modify panel.
  8. Click the Load button and load the profile you have saved.
  9. Activate the T-Pose and Bone mapping checkboxes to apply the data from the profile. Click the OK button.
  10. The custom character will then be instantly characterized and ready for being converted into a humanoid character.
  11. You can spend some time for further editing if necessary.