Adding Spring Effects to Props

By adding spring effects to specific parts of a prop, the resulting bouncing effects result in a more dynamic and realistic animation. This pipeline is suitable for any bone-skinned model from other 3D tools or merged models constructed in iClone.

* You are allowed to turn off the spring effect of a bone string for key-frame editing.

Adding Spring Effects

  1. Load a model (the model in the following example is a prop from the Wild Animal Content Pack by Reallusion) with a bone-skinned structure in iProp or FBX formats.
  2. Select the prop, and in the Modify panel, click the Edit Spring button in the Modify section.
  3. The Modify panel will switch to Spring Editing mode.
  4. Select the bones to which you want to apply spring effects to, then click the Active checkbox and adjust the spring parameters.

    In this example, the head and the tail bones of the prop have been given spring effects.

    Please refer to the following sections for more information.
  5. Export the entire model as one single prop (.iProp).
  6. Load the prop into iClone. Animate the prop to view the spring effects

    The prop without spring effects.

    The prop with spring effects.