How to set initial mode and speed

Motion Director is used to play and record the motions of the character based on an applied iMD Data as the interface between the system and the accessible motions. You can use the iMD Data Settings to set the initial mode and speed for playing the character.

  1. Apply a characters in the project.

  2. Launch Control Center.
  3. Make sure the character is given iMD Data. Click the gear button of the applied iMD File.
  4. The iMD Data Settings panel will show up.

    The items in the list map to the Mode and Speed tree in the Behavior Manager. You can activate the modes and speeds in the Behavior Manager in order to see the items in this list.
    • Mode: These modes map to the mode nodes in the Behavior Manager.
    • Speed: These speed items map to the speed sub nodes in the Behavior Manager.

  5. Choose the Default radio button of the items and pick an initial speed from the drop-down list (in this case, the Sporty mode and speed of Run).

    The speed settings is for the WASD keys only. If you use gamepad to move the character, then the speed must follow the tilting angle of the left analog stick (thumbstick).
  6. Click the Start button to start playing. As you can see the character strikes the initial pose of the specified mode.
  7. If you use WASD keys to move the character, the motion and speed will be as specified (Run).