World or Local Axis

Although the pivot of a prop is merely a point, it still has its own orientation; the orientation of the pivot can be aligned to the world coordinate or to the local coordinate, which tremendously affects the Local movements and the Scaling directions of the prop.

Pivot Orientation

  • Each prop has only one pivot. However, each pivot contains two coordinates; World and Local.

    World coordinate of the pivot.

    Local coordinate of the pivot.

  • The Look At feature of the prop is based on the local coordinate of the pivot.

Transform Tools in World and Local Mode

  • Move - World Mode: In iClone, you are allowed to move an object in World Mode with the World Move tool; which means to move the object along the X, Y, Z of the world coordinate.

    You can not easily move the jeep along the ramp with World Move tool.

  • Move - Local Mode: You can move an object in Local Mode with the Local Move tool; which means to move the object along the direction of the prop.

    Use the Local Move tool instead.

  • Rotate: The Local Rotate tool is for Local Rotation only. If you want to rotate the object according to world coordinates, you may either switch to the World Rotate tool, or go to the Modify panel >> Attribute tab >> Transform section, and enter values into the Rotate numeric fields.

    Local rotation only.

    Type in values for world rotation.

  • Scale: The Scale tool is also for Local Scale only. This can prevent the prop from skew or distortion when you scale it.

    The prop is scaled by the Local coordinate.

    (No skew)

    The prop is scaled by the World coordinate - not used in iClone except with the Prop Puppeteering feature.

    (Skew occurs)