Adding Spring Effects to Characters

By adding spring effects to specific parts of a character, the resulting animation will appear more natural. This pipeline is suitable for any characters, including CC1, CC3, CC3+, Creature or Humanoid.

Please note that you are allowed to turn off the spring effect of a bone string for key-frame editing.

Setting Used Bones

  1. Create a character (Creature, Humanoid or Standard).
  2. Open the Bone List panel (Shortcut: F3). Set the bones you want to apply spring effect as Used.

Applying Spring Effect to Used Bones

  1. Make sure the character is selected and click the Edit Spring button in the Modify panel.

    Only the Used bones appear on the 3D viewport.
  2. Pick one of the Used bones.
  3. Activate the Active checkbox to enable the spring effect of the bone.
  4. Choose the Spring Type radio button to set the bone of Translate or Rotate type.
  5. Repeat the same steps for the rest of the Used Bones.
  6. Set the spring properties for the bones and bone groups.
  7. Playback to view the spring effects

    The character without spring effects.

    The character with spring effects.