Character Creator Face Tools Panel

The ZBrush Face Tools dialog box controls the GoZ settings for your model during the transfer to ZBrush, enabling you to customize and choose which model attributes you want to update.

  1. Action: Options for either creating a new model in ZBrush or relinking and updating new designs for your existing model.
  2. Subdivision: Settings for the highest resolution texture map of your CC3+ model.
  3. Include: 4 different attributes of your CC3+ base model, including the base mesh, CC default polygroup, diffuse map, and normal map.
  4. Include Wrinkles in Polypaint: Activating this option will incorporate the wrinkle normal map details from CC into the wrinkle polypaint in ZBrush.
  5. Preset: Setting presets for your 13 expressions to quickly include mesh and/or normal details.
  6. Expression selection settings: 6 different options are available for quickly selecting various facial wrinkle sets within 13 expressions.
  7. 13 expression settings: The 13 expressions that the Face Tools plugin supports for additional customization.
  8. GoZ & Cancel: You can initiate the model transfer process or close the dialog box.