Blend Map Adjustments

Enabling the Cavity > Blend function during the ZBrush to Character Creator (CC) update will automatically generate a cavity map for your model’s head in CC. This enhances your base model’s facial cavity details and depth.

  1. In CC, select a CC3+ (or later) character for editing.
  2. Once the editing is complete, use the Face Tools plugin to GoZ the model to ZBrush.
  3. In Zbrush, use the ZBrush Face Tools plugin to customize your character’s facial details and expressions.
  4. Once you have finished editing the character model, click on the Update to Character Creator button.
  5. In the subsequent Update to Character Creator dialog box, activate Cavity > Blend under Base Update.
  6. After configuring the remaining settings, click on Update to Character Creator to update the CC character.
  7. In CC, select the ‘Std_Skin_Head’ material under Modify > Material > Material List.

    The model will now include a blend map (under Texture Settings).
  8. To modify the blend map, select the Blend channel and click the Adjust Color button below.
  9. In the Adjust Color panel, use the Color Balance settings to modify the blend effect.

    No blend map applied.

    With a blend map applied.

    After the blend map has been color adjusted.