InstaLOD Mesh Optimization

InstaLOD delivers polygon optimization at fast speeds even when operating on large data sets with millions of polygons. The technique is integrated into Character Creator in order that you can optimize the polygon numbers to relief the system resources. It is useful especially when you want to create low-poly, supporting characters with motions. Currently, the technique only applies to the objects that are worn onto the character, such as the hair, clothes, gloves, shoes and accessories; but not to the character's skin, eyeball and teeth.

The Characteristics of Mesh Optimization

  • Mesh Count: The total number of the mesh count can be drastically decreased while you can not notice the differences, especially the characters from external 3D software, such as DAZ.
  • Topology: The topology will be triangulated and re-built.
  • Material and Texture Count: Unchanged.
  • UV Reference: Rebuilt but the appearance remains unchanged.

In Character Creator, there are three methods to optimizing the meshes.