Creating Game Base Character from Creation Base Characters

Character Creator is introducing a new Game Base character with its topology optimized for Mobile, Game, AR / VR developers. The 10K polygon base also answers the call for displaying massive amount of NPCs or Citizens with true-to-life body and facial animation, without the serious performance drop in real-time rendering.

  1. Build a Creation base (CC3) character with Character Creator.
  2. Open the Modify panel. Switch to the Attribute tab, in the Avatar section, click the Convert to Game Base button.
  3. Determine if you want to merge all the materials together or keep them individually.
    • Single Material: This setting will merge the skin, tongue, eyelashes and nails materials of the character into a single mesh.
    • Multi-material: This setting keeps all the materials the character originally has. Including the ones of the eyes, teeth, clothes, hair, accessories, gloves and shoes.
    • Separate Eyelash Material: Activate this feature to isolate the eyelash material which is suitable for close-up shots on the character's face. This feature only supports Merging to Single Material function.
    • Max Texture Size: The textures in the materials will be capped at this size.
  4. The skin topology will be optimized and triangulated for an external game engines.

    Left: Creation Base --> Quad Mesh; Right: Game Base --> Triangle Mesh
  5. Apply the Game_Eyes_OneUV or Game_Eyes_MultiUV teeth templates.

    Also, apply the 2 Game_Teeth_OneUV or 3 Game_Teeth_MultiUV templates as these are suitable for Game Base characters.
  6. Use the Polygon Reduction feature (Wearables, Object, Element) to optimize the face count of the objects put on the character, such as the accessories, clothes, hair, gloves and shoes.
  7. Export the character in FBX format for game engines by Merging Materials or Remeshing.