Bone List

The Bone List (Shortcut: F3) is used for managing the bones for bone-skinned objects or objects with structures, such as Characters, Accessories or Props.

It can be accessed via the Pose Offset, Adjust Bone, Proportion, Skin Weight, Characterization, Edit Spring and Set T-Pose modes.


Display Modes

You can switch the view between Hierarchy or Name modes in the Bone List.

  • Hierarchy Mode:
  • Name Mode:


Searching Field

Type in the desired bone name to quickly show the bone in the list-view.


Bone Display

  • Click the left two buttons to Hide All, Show All or Show Used bones in the 3D viewport.
  • Click the Gear button to show a panel for setting the color and opacity of the bones.


Buttons for Displaying Specific Bones

Click these buttons to show or hide specific bones in the list-view.

  • : Show / Hide IK Bones.
  • : Show / Hide Facial Bones.
  • : Show / Hide Used Bones.
  • : Show / Hide Spring Bones.
  • : Show / Hide Unused Bones.


Bone Icon

The icons indicate the categorization of the bones, including:

  • : HIK (Human Inverse Kinematic) bones of an IK chain.
  • : Facial Bones for creating facial expressions.
  • : Used Bones, also known as Extend Bones, are the default bone type for the imported Prop, Creature characters and Humanoid characters. These bones can be applied with Spring effect.
  • : Spring Bones that have been applied with Spring settings.
  • : Unused Bones are special bones that
    • Are invisible in any bone-adjusting features.
    • Are invisible in iClone.
    • Are not animate-able.
    • Are able to be converted to Used Bones before you apply Spring settings.


Set Bone Type Buttons

You can select a bone and click the button to convert them for specific purposes.

  • Facial: You can click this button to set Facial Bones.
    • For Unused or Used Bones.
    • Must be the child bones branching from the Head bone.
    • For Humanoid characters only.
  • Used:
    • Click this button to set the Facial Bones and Unused Bones to Used Bones.
    • A Used Bone can have Spring settings and Motion Layer Keys applied in iClone.
  • Unused: Click this button to set the Used Bones, Spring Bones or Facial Bones to Unused Bones. An unused bone will not be seen in iClone.
  • Left Eye and Right Eye: These two buttons convert Facial Bones to Eye Bones for rotating the eyeballs.